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I am offering, for your kind consideration the STROMBERG MARIMBA TENOR BANJO shown in the photos. This original prewar Stromberg tenor is good and straight featuring the patented "cupperphone" tone ring... action and playability are very good. Sound is all you'd expect and more. If you are looking for a fine collectible this might be worth considering. The banjo is being offered with the original worn hard case.
excerpt from Vinnie Mondello's Banjohaven history of Stromberg:
"Throughout the 1920s the Strombergs produced custom tenor banjos. The Stromberg reputation was very strong in Boston and the New England area. Banjoists who often desired a custom-made instrument chose the Stromberg banjo as it was highly decorative and the sound would carry for the player in large dance halls. In October of 1926, Elmer Stromberg applied for a patent for a series of tubes around the tone chamber of the banjo just under the head. This created a new sustaining sound and more volume and was called the "Cupperphone." The Stromberg Cupperphone banjo consisted of forty-one hollow, perforated metal tubes 13/16 in. high and 13/16 in. in diameter fitted to the wooden rim to produce a louder and clearer tone. This was an option for the banjos, and this Cupperphone feature made the Stromberg banjo one of the loudest and heaviest built in the country. The two models offered at this time were the Deluxe, and Marimba models. The patent was granted in June of 1928".
The firm produced approximately 1000 banjos.

$1500.(mailed FREE in US)
or consider trades (original Vegaphone Professionals or Whyte Laydie Style R resonator banjos.

If you have any questions...or have trades to offer..please e-mail (or text 617.302.668two)....would consider trade for a couple of Vega bracket band banjos (whyte laydie / tubaphone) and also interested in most vintage guitars, banjos and mandolins

I usually respond to ALL e-mail inquiries. If you do not get a response it usually means I did not get the e-mail message...please try again

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