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Good, Clean Fun. No Wait Period. No registration. No Taxes. Think about it...Where can you have this much fun for so cheap? You've seen some of the absolute junk people spend twenty bucks on. Here you're getting a vintage magazine backissue with great content....really interesting articles and useful information ....along with some of the coolest ads...No better way to spend a few bucks and get yourself feeling good. Say good-bye to those pesky anti-depressant side effects. When's the last time you've heard any police negotiator or distraught mother shouting ...."Put down the backissue and come down from there..."? You see what I'm saying...

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SALTY DOG / June 1977

SALTY DOG June 1977....Volume 1 No. 4
28 pages. The New England Bluegrass Rag. Vassar Disappointing, Toronto Folklore, Simon St. Pierre, Doggy Bag, Off The Record, Bluegrass On The Docks, Bluegrass Breakdown, Timber Mountain Boys, Walkin' The Dog, Northern Lights; Comin' In Out Of The Rain, Kentucky Wind: They Know What They Like, Introducing Areven Mountain.
Very Good Condition

SALTY DOG / July 1977

SALTY DOG July 1977....Volume 1 No. 5
28 pages. The New England Bluegrass Rag. Roger Sprung, Walkin' the Dog, Fiddlin' With Peace Train, Doggy Bag, Rain Rain Go Away, The Big Apple, Bluegrass Breakdown, Off The Record, Mandolins Now And Then, Introducing Cody,etc...
Very Good Condition

Price $12.99

SALTY DOG / August 1977

SALTY DOG August 1977....Volume 1 No. 5 (actually No 6. but misprint so it says No. 5))
28 pages. The New England Bluegrass Rag. Walkin' the Dog, Bluegrass Breakdown, Off The Record, Bob French-Musician Gentelman, Buying A Dulcimer, Bitch Box, Grassin', Rolling Over Southern Vermont, Coming Together,etc...
Very Good Condition

Price $12.99

SALTY DOG / September 1977

SALTY DOG September 1977....Volume 1 No. 7
28 pages. The New England Bluegrass Rag. Festivals '77 issue, Walkin' the Dog, Bluegrass Breakdown, Grassin', Those Maine Festivals, Berkshire Mt. Magic, etc...
Very Good Condition

Price $12.99

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