Flatpicking Guitar Vol 1. No. 6

This issue does not have a companion audio CD
The Nov/Dec 1997 issue of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine includes:
An interview with Dan Crary: tab to "God Rest Ye Merrie, Gentlemen"
An article about Nashville Guitar Company Guitars
Rhythm Masters: An article about Curtis Jones, Jr.
Flatpicking Profile: An article about Dan Delancey, tab to "The Girl I Left Behind Me"
Columnist Profile: An article about Orrin Star
Articles from the following contributors:
Steve Kaufman: Tab to "Gilderoy"
Adam Granger: Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes: Exercises and Techniques
Joe Carr: Flatpick Rhythm Guitar: Rest Stroke Licks
Orrin Star: King Melody
Scott Nygaard: Post-Modern Flatpicking: Scale Positions
Dan Huckabee: Beginners Page: Becoming a Well Rounded Musician
Dix Bruce: tab to "Avalon" Part I
Chris Jones: Break Time: Filling in the Holes
Brad Davis: "Nashville Flat Top" tab to "Billy In The Lowground"
John Tindel: "Flatpicking and Folk/Acoustic Rock"
Craig Vance: "Cue Up Your Live Tapes"
Dave Bricker: Music Theory: Improvisation
Steve Pottier: "Beginning Clarence White Style Bluegrass Guitar"
Don Gallagher: "Finishing"
Bill Bush: "Vintage Voice"
CD Reviews: Kenny Smith - Studebaker, Jon Sholle - Out of the Frying Pan, Tony Green - Gypsy Jazz, Doc Watson and David Grisman - Doc and Dawg, Various Artists - Flatpicking Festival
Instructional Material Reviews: The Art of Crosspicking - Steve Kaufman, Bluegrass Guitar Workshop - Dan Crary, Granger's Fiddle Tunes for Guitar - Adam Granger
Gear Reviews: Capos


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