Flatpicking Guitar Vol 3. No. 4

This issue does not have a companion audio CD
The May/June 99 issue of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is now available!
An article about John Moore: tab to "Don't Try This At Home"
An article about guitar builder Wayne Henderson
Rhythm Masters: An article about Mary Gibbons
Flatpicking Profile: An article about David Legge, tab to "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"
On The Web Column
By Reqest: Transcription of James Alan Shelton's "Road To Coeburn"
Jam Tunes: Transcription of Robin Kessinger's solo to "Dry and Dusty"
FGM Pays Tribute to Charles Sawtelle
Guitar Highlight: Martin HD-28 LSV
Articles from the following contributors:
Steve Kaufman: Tab to "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues"
Adam Granger: Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes: Tab to "Over The Waterfall"
John Tindel: Tab to "Don't Think Twice, Its Alright"
Joe Carr: Flatpick Rhythm Guitar: Hank Snow. Tab to "Golden Rocket"
Orrin Star: The Role of Awe In Musical Development
Frank Ford: Guitar Maintenance and Repair, Nut Replacement
Dan Huckabee: Beginners Page: Harmony Singing, Part II
Dix Bruce: Cross Picking "Gold Watch and Chain"
Chris Jones: Break Time: Breaking Time
Brad Davis: Double-Down-Up the Easy Way
Craig Vance: Tab to "Cherokee Shuffle"
Mike Maddux: Music Theory: Mastering the Fingerboard: Floatys
Steve Pottier: Making The Most of Workshops
John McGann: Flatpicking Bach
Guitar Highlight: Lucas Kenny Smith Model
CD Highlight: Roy Curry "Flat-top Specialist, tab to "Bill Cheatum"
CD Reviews: Jeff White - Broken Road, Ricky Skaggs - Ancient Tones, Jeff Autry - Foothills
Instructional Video Reviews: Eric Thompson - Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes and Bluegrass Crosspicking
Instructional Material: John Carlini's Arpeggio Flashcards

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