Flatpicking Guitar Vol 6. No. 4

This issue does not have a companion audio CD
The May/June 2002 issue of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine includes:
An article about Ronnie Reno: tab to "Freight Train Boogie"
Flatpick Profile: Mike Dowling: tab to "Caravan"
Jam Tunes: Steve Palazzo and "Forked Deer"
Taylor Tree Guitar
Martin D-18 GE
"That Watson Feeling" by Steve Kilby
Articles from the following contributors:
Craig Vance: "Marquis of Huntley"
Dan Huckabee: Sharpening Your Musical Ear
Joe Carr: "Nuages"
Frank Ford: Maintenance & Repair: Lowering the Bridge
Steve Kaufman: Kaufman's Corner: "Colored Aristocracy"
John Carlini: Adventures in Acoustic Music: Django 202
Brad Davis: Nashville Flattop: Reinventing Old Licks
Chris Jones: Break Intros 2
Paul Mehling: Gypsy Jazz Guitar "Finesse"
Orrin Star: The O-Zone: "Cattle In The Cane"
Dix Bruce: "Frogs and Snakes"
Mike Maddux: Music Theory: Mastering the Fingerboard "Whiskey Before Breakfast"
Harold Streeter:Intros and Tags
Bill Bay: New Tunes for Flatpicking : "Valse"
Adam Granger: Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes: "Little Sadie?"
Steve Pottier: Exploring Bluegrass Guitar: "Think of What You've Done"
John McGann: Eclectic Acoustic: "Fire Pocket"
CD Reviews: Hot Rize-So Long A Journey; Doc Watson-Legacy;
Larry Keel Experience-Larry Keel, Curtis Burch and the Experience
Book Reviews: Rhythm Changes by Frank Vignola, Jammin' The Blues by Frank Vignola Gear Review: LR Baggs Gigpro and Pra Acoustic DI


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