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Good, Clean Fun. No Wait Period. No registration. No Taxes. Think about it...Where can you have this much fun for so cheap? You've seen some of the absolute junk people spend twenty bucks on. Here you're getting a vintage magazine backissue with great guitar transcriptions, really interesting articles and useful information ....along with some of the coolest ads...No better way to spend a few bucks and get yourself feeling good. Say good-bye to those pesky anti-depressant side effects. When's the last time you've heard any police negotiator or distraught mother shouting ...."Put down the magazine and come down from there..."? You see what I'm saying...


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GUITAR SHOP / Spring 1994

GUITAR SHOP, Spring 1994....
88 pages. VAN HALEN "MY GEAR SECRETS", Premier Issue, Floor mulit-effects, detailed rig schematics for Cantrell, Megadeth, Vai, Morse & More, wah-wah buyer's guide, Zeppelin & Hendrix historic studio memoirs..
Very Good Condition

GUITAR SHOP / Winter 1995

GUITAR SHOP, Winter 1995....
96 pages. SETUP SECRETS of the VIRTUOSOS, Kimebag Darrell, The Hellecasters, Yngwie Malmsteen, Otis Rush, Allan Holdsworth, Gary Hoey, Dream Theater..
Very Good Condition

GUITAR SHOP / April 1996

GUITAR SHOP, April 1996....
88 pages. RADICAL GEAR TECHNOLOGY FOR '96, Hot-Rod your Pickups Easily, Blues Rigs: B.B. & Albert, T-Bone, Otis and more, Is Retro Dead?, Zoom 7010 , TESTED: Radical Axes from Klein & PBC, 3 Hot Acoustic Amps, Sabine Feedback Eliminator, Klon Overdrive Box, Red Bear Tube Head, APC pickups, Taylor Acoustic Bass..
Very Good Condition

Price $9.50

GUITAR SHOP / August 1996

GUITAR SHOP, August 1996....
88 pages. HOT AMPS!, Phish Gear, Progressive Legends: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes and Jethro Tull, Are We Running Out of Guitar Wood? TESTED: Electro-Harmonix Big Muff fuzz, Small Stone & Electric Mistress, Mini Travel Guitars, New Axes from ESP, Yamaha & Kendrick, Acoustic Effects from Korg, ART & Rockman, Morley Diamond Distortion & RFX Wah Pedals..
Very Good Condition

GUITAR SHOP / May 1997

GUITAR SHOP, May 1997....
87 pages. NIRVANA, Kurt Cobain's Sound Revealed at last, Interviews - Ritchie Blackmore, Al Di Meola, How to improve your tone instantly, Tested: Martin & Alvarez acoustics, Hot Vox Amp, Fener's Classic 6-string bass, Ibanez & Matchless Pedals, Carvin's Fastest Electric, Cool Lap Steels, Seymour Duncan Tele Pickup.
Very Good Condition

Price $9.50

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