Banjo Heads

updated 8/8/2018

Offering a select listing of original banjo parts for restorations.

Please note- ALL the parts I have are listed.... I do not keep a want list for parts.
If it is not listed I simply do NOT have it. Sorry but I just don't have time to reply to emails requesting parts not listed here...
...this (in advance) is the only reply I offer to all such inquiries ..."I don't HAVE it if it's not listed..."

Always seeking old banjos, guitars, guitar parts, etc. Been known to trade for leads resulting in the purchase of high quality vintage guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukes,etc..Top Prices Paid for clean original stuff...

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Photo Notes Photo
Vintage B&D (BACON)Calfskin Banjo Head - This is a neat PREWAR B&D (Bacon & Day) calfskin banjo head in very good original condition. This is 11" with low-medium collar. Marked on underside. $75. More Photos
10" diameter calfskin- measures 10" diameter...spare calfskin from broken head. This is NOT a banjo head but a flat piece of calfskin. There is a slice at one edge that extends in about 3/4" inch. Use to restretch for small rim banjo uke or as patch for other heads $12.50 (postpaid in US)
Three half-moon calfskin pieces - each measures 10 1/2" across...spare calfskin pieces from broken heads. These are NOT banjo heads but flat half-moon pieces of calfskin. Maybe useful as patches for other heads..all three $14.50 (postpaid in US)
10 3/4" diameter FLESH HOOP - 10 3/4" brass rod FLESH HOOP for stretching a calfskin head. from Vega tubaphone..VGC $15.00 + $4.50 postage (US)

I recently took a hit on a banjo purchased from Bill's Music in Maryland. (Ebay user ID: billsmusic) The photos , strategically provided to keep undisclosed damage hidden, did not show obvious, extensive damage to the interior of the banjo. Contacted the seller who claimed all sales were "final with no returns". Not the kind of folks I want to do business with again.