ROCK & ROLL WRITING - Edited by Clinton Heylin

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Compiled from journals on both sides of the Atlantic, this monumental collection spans rock's origins, aesthetics, milestones, and debacles, as it attempts to define rock and rock through its connections to pop, rock, soul, punk rock, and other musical genres. From Elvis to REM, here are 25 years of mega force criticism and reportage from the author of Dylan behind the Shades. 682 pages, copyright 1992..... a great read
1) PreHistory - Elvis
2) Rock & Rock Aesthetics - Crawdaddy
3) You say you wanna revolution ?
4) I have seen the future - the Stones, the Doors or the Pistols
5) On the road again
6) Voices from the other side
7) Satires and Short Stories
8) The Biz
9) The Promise is broken -the fall from grace
10) And in the End - Lived Fast & died Young -Janis Joplin, others.
25 Years of Rock & Roll Writings.
Hendrix, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Punk ~ Richard Hell, John Holmstrom ...

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