1960s Crucianelli Triple Cutaway "Elli Sound"

All Original

1960s Crucianelli Triple Cutaway "Elli Sound"

Here you see the eighth wonder of the guitar world....The Elli Sound "triple cutaway" 4-pickup electric guitar by Crucianelli. Far rarer than the run of the mill factory axes this Italian masterpiece is something that will arrest the attention of any guitar afficianado....
Who could even imagine such a thing ...it is covered in mother of toilet seat...red..blue..gold...white...yikes!...what a way to get way more bang for your bucks...sure you can follow the herd and do the strat or les paul thing or take a journey to edge of the bell-shaped curve...and watch some jaws drop!
sell or trade for Martin guitars, Gibson banjos, mandolins, etc..
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Questions about this guitar?...text (617) 302-6682 In $hop cash price 1000

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