Guitar Scouts Wanted!

I'm talking to any of you folks out there who "know this guy with an old guitar..." and you maybe don't feel comfortable calling and starting negotiations for maybe a lack of funds or insufficient familiarity with the make or model. Please DON'T let it "fall through the cracks in the sidewalk!" Call me. If I succeed in buying the guitar I'll be thrilled to award a finder's or guitars! How much time and effort can it be to drop the dime or e-mail me with what you've located? As folks all over the country have discovered, I'm a very straight shooter and I'll be glad to pay TOP CASH prices for "minty fresh" high quality vintage guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles & violins . Trust me, it WILL be worth your while...



Sellers, I will match or beat ANY price for instruments I'm actively seeking.
In addition I will make all necessary arrangements for shipping and pick up the costs for same. For a no-hassle, quick cash transaction that will bring TOP DOLLAR for your old instrument, please contact Steve.
Music Man is currently paying top cash prices for guitars by Gibson, Gretsch, Fender, Martin, Rickenbacker, Epiphone, Stromberg, D'Angelico, D'Aquisto, Guild, Vox, National, Dobro, Maurer, Prairie State, Mosrite, etc. Interested in all old instruments-banjos, amps, mandolins, violins, ukuleles, as well as original catalogs, advertising and related parts...
FENDER GUITARS Fender guitars were made in Fullerton, California and they also made fine amplifiers and other musical instruments. All US-made Fender instruments are of interest and have some value. Among them, these are the most significant. Dates of manufacture are determined by serial numbers and markings.
  • Jazz Basses from 1960-1970 prefer all original models. $900-$3800.

  • Stratocasters, 1960-1962, all original, slab rosewood board , $5500. and up!
  • Stratocasters, 1971-1974, all original, rosewood fingerboard , $1500 up.
  • Mustangs, 1964-1966, all original, white or blue, lefty or righty$800-$1500.
  • Telecasters, 1950s-1970s, original/excellent esp..but all considered.$1500-$15000.
  • Jazzmasters, 1960s, especially unusual, blue, white, red, etc..$1500. and up (more if gold plated !!)
  • Jaguars, 1960s, especially unusual, blue, white, red, etc..$1200. and up (more if gold plated!!)
  • Amplifiers, 50s through 70s, all tube models! working or not... Top Prices Paid

    GIBSON GUITARS Most Gibson guitars are valued above $400. Some models are very valuable if all original and unmodified. Additionally, old instruments in poor condition have value for parts with some 1950s parts alone worth over $500. Not sure?? Contact me...
  • J-45 , 1963-1968 all original , TOBACCO sunburst finish..Top Prices Paid

  • J-50, 1963-1968, all original, natural finish..Top Prices Paid
  • Les Paul Junior, 1954-1960, all original, $1900. and up!
  • ES-335TDN, 1959, original natural finish, dot inlays, could be worth up to $20,000!!.
  • ES-335TD, 1958-1959, original sunburst or cherry red finish, dot inlay, stop tpc, will pay up to $10,000.
  • Les Paul TV Models, 50s, single or double cutaway, full scale or 3/4 scale...clean examples bring up to $5500..
  • Les Paul Goldtop, 1957, all original with humbucking pickups, will pay up to $25,000.
  • Gibson Explorer 1959, korina wood body, will pay up to $25,000. if all original...CALL STEVE! 401-821-2865
  • Les Paul Flametop, 1958-1960, all original Standard wanted, will pay up to $65,000.
  • All Jazz models...L-5, L-7, L-10, L-12, ES-175, ES-5, ES-295, Johnny Smith, Byrdland, Super 400, Citation, etc...

    MARTIN GUITARS All Martin guitars are valuable. Prices range from $500. for the all mahogany 0-15 model to $30,000. for the pre-WWII style 45 models with abalone borders. Martin ukes are worth at least $150-$900. for most models. Prices below are for the most desireable models which I'm interested in buying...
  • 30s-40s 000-45pearl trim, rosewood back and sides..$25,000. up!
  • 39-42 D-45pearl trim, rosewood back and sides..$40,000. up!
  • 60s D-45pearl trim, rosewood back and sides..$10,000. up!
  • 30s D-28rosewood back and sides..$10,000. up!
  • 40s D-28rosewood back and sides..$7,500. up!
  • 50s D-28rosewood back and sides..$4,500. up!
  • 30s OM-28rosewood back and sides..$10,000. up!
  • 30s OM-18mahogany back and sides..$7,500. up!
  • 30s OM-45pearl trim, rosewood back and sides..$25,000. up!
  • Koawood Hawaiian Models Martin guitars and ukes...$500-$2500. up


  • 30s-50s D'Angelico Guitars, any and me before you sell!! $7,500-$25,000. up
  • Stromberg Guitars, any and me before you sell!! $7,500-$25,000. up
  • Danelectro Guitars, any and all...
  • Mosrite Guitars & Basses, especially Ventures model guitars with the vibramute tailpiece...Top Prices Paid
  • Nationalmetal body guitars, mandolins and Ukes!..$1,500. up!

    BANJOS I'm interested in most any old banjo...4, 5, or even 6 string models. These are some of the more valuable examples of those I'm seeking. Please contact me with ANY banjo in ANY condition!! Even parts!!

  • 20s-30s Gibson Mastertone banjos...$1500-$9,500.!!
  • 20s-30s B&D Silverbell banjos...$900-$6,500.!!
  • 20s-30s Paramount banjos...$500-$4,500.!!
  • 20s-30s Vega banjos...$300-$4,500.!!
  • 1900s Fairbanks banjos.."Whyte Laydie", etc...$400-$10,000.!!
  • 1900s S.S.Stewart banjos...$500-$6,500.!!
  • 20s Ludwig banjos...and banjo-ukes $250-$2,500.!!

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