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updated 1/27/2017
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Stefan Grossman's How To Play Blues Guitar

Offering the used Shanachie98001/2 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Titles include: Side A: 1. Yonder Comes The Blues 2. Police Dog Blues 3. Easy Street 4. Ragtime Mama Blues 5. Corrina, Corrina 6. If You Haven't Any Hay, Don't Get On Down The Road 7. Man Of My Own 8. Assassination Of John Fahey 9. Moon Goin' Down 10. Ragged And Dirty 11. Crow Jane 12. Pallet On Your Floor Side B: 1. Mississippi Blues #3 2. New Pony Blues 3. You Got The Pocket Book, I Got The Key 4. Someday Baby 5. Juicy Lucy 6. Hard Tim Killin' Floor 7. Belzona Blues 8. Oh, Babe Ain't No Lie 9. Special Rider Blues 10.Weeping Willow 11.Wake Up Mama
Price $4.99

Mance Lipscomb: Texas Songster

Offering the used ArhoolieC306 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Titles include: - Sugar Babe (It's All Over Now) - Going Down Slow - Freddie - Jack O' Diamonds - Baby Please Don't Go - One Thin Dime - Shake, Shake, Mama - Ella Speed - Mama Don't Allow - Ain't It Hard - Bout A Spoonful - Take Me Back Babe - Rag In G - Big Boss Man - You Ain't Gonna Quit Me - Blues In G - Mama, Don't Dog Me - Willie Poor Boy - Tell Me Where You Stayed Last Night - Knocking Down Windows - Nobody's Fault But Mine - Motherless Children
Price $4.99

Frisco Bound! with Jesse Fuller

Offering the used ArhoolieC360 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Titles include: - Leavin' Memphis Frisco Bound - Got A Date Half Past Eight - Hump In My Back - Flavor In My Cream - Finger Twister - Just Like A Ship On The Deep Blue Sea - Motherless Children - Amazing Grace - Hark From The Tomb - As Long As I Can Feel The Spirit - Cincinnati Blues - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Price $4.99

Wild About My Lovin . Beale Street Blues 1928-1930

Offering the used RCA2461 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Superb, eclectic music from Depression-era Memphis. The material on Wild About My Lovin' is drawn from singers Frank Stokes and Jim Jackson and from a pair of the era's most popular jug bands, (Gus) Cannon's Jug Stompers and the Memphis Jug Band, whose "Stealin'" (included here) was later recorded by Bob Dylan. Titles include: 1. Overseas Stomp 2. Stealin' Stealin' 3. K. C. Moan 4. On the Road Again 5. Jug Band Waltz 6. My Monday Woman Blues 7. I'm Wild About My Lovin' 8. When I Woke up This Morning She Was Gone 9. I Heard the Voice of a Pork Chop 10. Walk Right In 11. Viola Lee Blues 12. Bring It With You When You Come 13. Going to Germany 14. Prison Wall Blues 15. Downtown Blues 16. Taint Nobody's Business 17. Taint Nobody's Business (Part II) 18. Take Me Back
Price $4.99

Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings

Offering the used ColumbiaCT46233 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Titles include: 1 Kindhearted woman blues 2 Kindhearted woman blues (Alternate take) 3 I believe I'll dust my room 4 Sweet home Chicago 5 Rambling on my mind 6 Rambling on my mind (Alternate take) 7 When you got a good friend 8 When you got a good friend (Alternate take) 9 Come on in my kitchen 10 Come on in my kitchen (Alternate take) 11 Terraplane blues 12 Phonograph blues 13 Phonograph blues (Alternate take) 14 32-20 Blues 15 They're red hot 16 Dead shrimp blues 17 Crossroad blues 18 Crossroad blues (Alternate take) 19 Walking blues 20 Last fair deal gone down
Price $4.99

Wayne Erbsen - THE HOME FRONT

Offering the used Native Ground 006 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Wayne Erbsen performs 4 vocals, and 13 instrumentals, focusing on life behind the lines during the Civil War. Ballads include such favorites as "The Yellow Rose of Texas," "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," and "Cumberland Gap." 47 Minutes
Price $4.99


Offering the used Laserlight 79 470 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Titles include: 1. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! 2. (There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays 3. White Christmas 4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 5. O Christmas Tree 6. Angels We Have Heard on High/Joy to the World 7. Happy Holiday Blues 8. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 9. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 11. Winter Wonderland
Price $4.99


Offering the used WINDHAM HILL 1018 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Titles include: Thirty-six, Two Color Dream, Clockwork, Opening, Bougainvillea, Elegy, Sorta Samba and Part Five.
Price $4.99

Leo Kottke ~ That's What 1990

Offering the used Private Music 2068 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Little Snoozer 2. Buzzby 3. What the Arm Said 4. Creature Feature 5. Odd Ball 6. Czech Bounce 7. Mid-Air 8. Great One, The 9. "Husbandry" 10. Jesus Maria
Price $4.99

Leo Kottke ~ ESSENTIAL

Offering the used Chrysalis Records F4 21852 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Up Tempo 2. Embyonic Journey 3. Rings 4. Mr. Fonebone 5. Julie's House 6. Side One Suite 7. Sonora's Death Row 8. Learning the Game 9. White Ape, The 10. Buckaroo 11. Tell Mary 12. Airproofing 13. Part Two 14. Agile N. 15. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 16. Sleepwalk 17. Credits, The: Out-Takes From Terry's Movie 18. Little Shoes 19. Train and the Gate, The: From Terry's Movie 20. All I Have to Do Is Dream 21. Frank Forgets 22. Here Comes That Rainbow Again
"ESSENTIAL LEO KOTTKE is a mixed bag compilation of several albums Leo Kottke recorded in the '70s and '80s. There's enough classic knuckle-busting 12-string guitar here to satisfy the hardcore enthusiast, plenty of fluid slide work, and some other surprises and experiments."
Price $4.99

Leo Kottke ~ Regards From Chuck Pink

Offering the used Private Music 2025 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Pink Christmas 2. Skinflint 3. Foster's Feet 4. Taxco Steps 5. Theme From "Doodles" 6. Late Zone 7. Dan's Tune 8. I Yell At Traffic 9. Mary 10. Short Wave 11. Ojo 12. Busy Signal 13. Dog Quiver
1988, Folk
Price $4.99

Leo Kottke ~ A Shout Toward Noon

Offering the used Private Music 2007 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Little Beaver 2. Trout Toward Noon, A 3. Little Martha 4. Easter Again 5. Piece 17 6. Three Quarter North 7. Echoing Gilewitz 8. Air Proofing Two 9. Virtuoso Is His Own Reward, A 10. Four Four North 11. Ice Field 12. First to Go
Leo "Machine Gun" Kottke became famous for his demonically fast, propulsively rocking, and perhaps divinely inspired guitar playing. Sidelined in the early '80s with hand problems related to his strenuous style, he offers up a quieter, more reflective side in A SHOUT TOWARDS NOON.
Price $4.99

Leo Kottke ~ GREAT BIG BOY

Offering the used Private Music 82087 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Running Up the Stairs 2. Other Day, The (Near Santa Cruz) 3. Great Big Boy 4. Driver 5. Pepe Hush 6. Big Mob on the Hill 7. Ice Cream 8. Nothin' Works 9. Summer's Growing Old 10. I Still Miss Someone
"GREAT BIG BOY features Leo Kottke's excellent guitar work as usual, but it also features his singing, or in some cases talking, on each of the 10 tracks. Kottke fans shouldn't be scared off by this--GREAT BIG BOY makes the strongest case yet for Kottke's songwriting and expressive vocals. What he expresses in each of these slightly cryptic songs is a peeved resignation and mournful grumpiness that's actually quite endearing."
Price $4.99

William Ackerman ~ IMAGINARY ROADS

Offering the used Windham Hill WT-1078 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Moment in Which You must Have Finally Let Go Of The Tether Which Has Held Your Hope Airborne, The 2. Region of Clouds, A 3. If You Look 4. Floyd's Ghost 5. Wondering Again What's Behind the Eyes 6. Dawn Treader 7. Prospect of Darrow's barn and the Blossoms of an Apple Spring on Imaginary Road, The 8. Brother A Teaches 7 9. Innocent Moon 10. Moment-Reprise, The 11. If You Look [Version II] 12. Darrow's Barn [Version II]
"1988's IMAGINARY ROADS is one of guitarist William Ackerman's finest albums, and the one where the new instruments Ackerman had been slowly adding to his sound through the '80s finally jelled with his distinctive playing."
Price $4.99


Offering the used Windham Hill WT-1006 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing Side 1: 1. The Wall and the Wind 2. The Velvet Gentleman 3. Anne's Song 4. Childhood and Memory 5. Sunday Rain Side 2: 1. Seattle 2. Three Hesitant Themes 3. Murray's Song 4. Bodie
Price $4.99

William Ackerman ~ IT TAKES A YEAR

Price $4.99


Offering the used Windham Hill WT-1050 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1 Conferring with the Moon 7:33 2 Improv 2 3:30 3 Lago de Montaρas (Mountain Lake)5:01 4 Big Thing in the Sky (For Jess) 6:36 5 Climbing in Geometry 6:08 6 The Last Day at the Beach 6:56 7 Singing Crocodile 3:21 8 Shape of the Land 3:26 9 Conferring with the Moon 2:22
Price $4.99

William Ackerman ~ PAST LIGHT

Offering the used Windham Hill WT-1028 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing SIDE ONE 1. Visiting 2. Garden 3. Three Observations of One Ocean 4. Pacific II 5. Synopsis SIDE TWO 6. Ventana 7. Threes 8. Synopsis II 9. Rain to River 10. Night Slip
Price $4.99


Offering the used Windham Hill WT-1066 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. All Along the Watchtower 2. Because It's There 3. Silent Anticipations 4. Ready or Not 5. Love Bizarre, A 6. Breakfast in the Field 7. Riki's Shuffle 8. Woman of the World 9. Double Planet, The 10. Funky Avacado, The 11. Come Together 12. Two Old Days
"Michael Hedges's self-proclaimed "heavy mental" music is nicely represented on this collection of live performances. Hedges plays three covers here: Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower," Prince's "A Love Bizarre," and the Beatles' "Come Together," giving each the distinctive stamp of his guitar wizardry. But most of LIVE ON THE DOUBLE PLANET consists of Hedges's own compositions, which show off his impressive multi-tasking style (he often sounds like several guitarists playing at once) and his use of the composite harp-guitar instrument. "
Price $4.99

David Grisman ~ HOT DAWG

Offering the used A&M CS-731 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Dawg's Bull 2. Devlin' 3. Minor Swing 4. Dawgology 5. Neon Tetra 6. Janice 7. Dawg-Ola 8. 16/16
Price $4.99


Offering the used ZEAC 42108 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1."Svingin' with Svend" (David Grisman) – 4:02 2."Nadja" (Svend Asmussen) – 6:24 3."Lap-Nils' Polska" (Traditional, arr. Asmussen) – 8:24 4."It Don't Mean a Thing" – 6:35 5."Swing Mineur" (Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grapelli) – 6:38 6."Jitterbug Waltz" (Fats Waller) – 6:20 7."The Spirit-Feel" (Milt Jackson) – 9:29 8."Nuages" (Reinhardt) – 6:02
Svingin' with Svend is an album by American musician David Grisman and Danish musician Svend Asmussen, released in 1987. It is attributed to the David Grisman Quintet featuring Svend Asmussen
Price $4.99

David Grisman ~ ACOUSTICITY

Offering the used ZEAC 6153 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1."Acousticity" – 4:11 2."Dancin'" (Grisman, Jim Buchanan) – 4:22 3."Brazilian Breeze" – 4:29 4."Blue Sky Bop" (Rob Wasserman) – 4:49 5."Dawgalypso (The Island Song)" – 3:45 6."Tango for Django" – 3:04 7."Richochet" (Grisman, R. Somers) – 2:18 8."Newmonia" – 6:24 9."Pamela" – 2:54
Acousticity is an album by American musician David Grisman, released in 1984
Price $4.99


Offering the used Kaleidoscope C-5 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing E.M.D., Swing 51, Opus 57, Blue Midnite, Pneumonia, Fish Scale, Richochet, Dawg's Rag
David Grisman Quintet is a self-styled alternative bluegrass/ acoustic jazz band founded by David Grisman in 1975 in San Francisco, California, USA. Following the Bill Monroe's bluegrass legacy and Django Reinhard's 30s swing, the David Grisman Quintet comes with entirely new style to the acoustic music.[1] With various lineups from 1975, which, among others included guitar virtuoso Tony Rice, multiinstrumentalists Mark O'Connor, Mike Marshall, Darol Anger and featured guests as violin genius Stephane Grapelli, this band continues to produce music as of 2009 with the same ιlan as in 1975.
Price $4.99

Darol Anger & Mike Marshall ~ THE DUO

Offering the used C-ROU-0168 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Rotagilla 3:52 2. Lime Rock 2:20 3. Children's Song #6 2:53 4. Golden Slippers 3:35 5. N.K.F. 4:01 6. Wall of Mando Madness 3:47 7. Donna Lee 2:24 8. Free D 4:08 9. Bach Partita #3 4:07 10. It's Dark 5:25 11. Gator's Dream
Price $4.99


Offering the used Maranatha Music SPCN-7-100-13984-8 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. I'll Be No Stranger There 2. River of Jordan 3. Don't Let Them Take the Bible out of Our School Rooms 4. Church in the Wildwood 5. God Loves His Children 6. Rule Over My Soul 7. It's Beginning to Rain 8. Livin' in the Name of Love 9. Boat of Love 10. Where Could I Go 11. Men Are So Busy 12. On the Sea of Life 13. I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap 14. Panhandle Rag [Instrumental]
Many years ago Maranatha Music released this gem of a project featuring a veritable hall of fame supergroup of musicians whose pedigree lines included the byrds, the eagles, the flying burrito brothers, bob dylan's rolling thunder review, souther-hillman-furay band, stephen stills' manassas etc.It wasn't a country rock project though but rather an affectionate nod to traditional bluegrass, performed with great affection. It was so well done that it made me into a fan. This should be in any country rock or folk buffs collection. Standout tracks are "I'm using my bible for a roadmap" and "Don't let them take the Bible out of our school rooms". "Boat of love" has some of the most exquisite vocal harmonies and all the musicians, especially Al Perkins and David Mansfield play with carefree but virtuotistic flair. IF you love the Desert Rose Band, as I do you'll love to hear Chris Hillman sing pure bluegrass - its wonderful!!
Price $4.99

HARD TIMES ~ Red Clay Ramblers

Offering the used Flying Fish FF-90246 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing Chesapeake Bay, Wind and Rain, Fiddler A Dram/Murphy's Hornpipe, Matinee Idol, The Face in the Mirror, Hard Times, Chicken, Trip to Sligo/Priest and His Boots/Three Little Drummers, I Crept Into the Crypt, When the Goldenrod is Blooming Once Again, Three Guys, The Gang's Gone Home, Long Time Traveling
From the first notes of their 1981 landmark release Hard Times' opening track "Chesapeake Bay," it's clear the Red Clay Ramblers were not your average old time music ensemble. Dixieland horns, barrelhouse piano, barbershop harmonies and driving stringband rhythms all combine for an entertaining crash course in American music. Whether sublime ("Wind and Rain") or downright ridiculous ("Chicken"), the Red Clay Ramblers bring their virtuosity, intensity and enthusiasm to every song they play. (Originally released by Flying Fish Records in 1981)
Price $4.99


Offering the used CBS FCT 39912 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1."And We Danced" (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian) - 3:48 2."Day by Day" (Hyman, Bazilian, Rick Chertoff) - 3:24 3."All You Zombies" (Hyman, Bazilian) - 5:58 4."Don't Take My Car Out Tonight" (Hyman, Bazilian, Chertoff) - 3:55 5."Nervous Night" (Hyman, Bazilian, Chertoff) - 3:58 6."Hanging on a Heartbeat" (Hyman, Bazilian, Glenn Goss, Jeff Ziv) - 4:20 7."Where Do the Children Go" (Hyman, Bazilian) - 5:29 8."South Ferry Road" (Hyman, Bazilian, Chertoff) - 3:43 9."She Comes in Colors" (Arthur Lee) - 4:12 10."Blood from a Stone" (Hyman, Bazilian) - 4:13
Nervous Night is the second studio album by American rock band The Hooters and was released in 1985.
Price $4.99

MEANINGS OF ~ Mark O'Connor

Offering the used WB 25353-4 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Opus 21: A Bowl of Bula (Then Twice Clap the Hands) 2. Opus 26: Irish Maiden 3. Opus 25: The Emperor's Komponist 4. Opus 23: Thai Wat Sai 5. Opus 24: Guitar Medley: Amazing Grace/Omac Blues/Will the Circle Be Unb 6. Opus 22: My Celebration 7. Opus 19: Folktunes 8. Opus 20: Court Suite: Top Spin /Moonballs /Down the Li 9. Opus 27: The Robotic Muso (Tertium Quid)
Nervous Night is the second studio album by American rock band The Hooters and was released in 1985.
Price $4.99


Offering the used WB 25399 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Crossroads 4:22 2. Down In Mississippi 4:25 3. Cotton Needs Pickin' 2:59 4. Viola Lee Blues 3:10 5. See You In Hell Blind Boy 2:10 6. Nitty Gritty Mississippi 2:56 7. He Made A Woman Out Of Me 4:12 8. Feelin' Bad Blues 4:16 9. Somebody's Callin' My Name 1:45 10. Willie Brown Blues 3:44 11. Walkin' Away Blues
Price $4.99


Offering the used WB 25266 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Fly Trouble 2. She's Crazy for Leavin' 3. Blue Days Black Nights 4. Reno and Me 5. Fool in the Mirror 6. John Hardy 7. Bach to the Country 8. Mountain Whippoorwill, The 9. Miner's Night Out 10. Sleepwalk
Price $4.99

BAPTIZING ~ The Seldom Scene

Offering the used Rebel C-1573 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. By the Side of the Road 2. Brother John 3. Dreaming of a Little Cabin 4. Fallen Leaves 5. He Took Your Place 6. Take Him In 7. Hobo on a Freight Train to Heaven 8. Will You Be Ready to Go Home? 9. Were You There? 10. Walk With Him Again 11. Gospel Medley
Price $4.99

ON THE EDGE ~ Northern Lights

Offering the used Northern Lights CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing On The Edge, City On The Hill, Red Sky, Badminton Bounce/Hippodrome Reel, Baltimore, Short Time Going, Streets Of London, Soldier Of The Cross, Tell Me You Love Me, Cold Storage
Price $4.99


Offering the used Golden Circle CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing Deck The Halls, Adeste Fidelis, Jingle Bell Rock, Blue Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Winter Wonderland, Jolly Old St. Nick, Jingle Bells, Frosty The Snowman, When Santa Gets Your Letter, Rockin' Round The Christmas Tree, We Wish You A Merry Christmas..
Price $4.99

MANDOLIN ABSTRACTIONS ~ David Grisman - Andy Statman

Offering the used Rounder ROU 0178 CASSETTE tape shown in the photo. Track listing 1. Overture 7:29 2. Apassionata 3:46 3. Japanese Sunrise 8:29 4. Two White Boys Watching James Brown At The Apollo 2:26 5. Blackie And Sunburst 4:31 6. Crosby, Stills And Nash 2:05 7. Journey To The Center Of Twang 5:01 8. Ode To Jim McReynolds 2:29 9. March Of The Mandolas, Part 1 7:31 10. March Of The Mandolas, Part 2 9:28 11. Song Of The Dawg 2:36 12. Ballad of Ouzo 5:32 13. 'Til We Meet Again
Mandolin Abstractions is an album by American musicians David Grisman and Andy Statman, released in 1983
Price $4.99

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