Offering for your consideration this rare original ALVAREZ YAIRI GUITAR CATALOG shown. This is an undated 15-page 8" x 10 1/2" ALVAREZ-YAIRI color catalog (hole punched) featuring guitar models:
GY1 Virtuoso Tradition, WY1 Virtouso Folk (each shown alongside endorsers Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir), DY50N Wind River Deluxe, DY52 Canyon Creek(Coral Rosewood), DY53N Canyon Creek (European Jumbo), DY80 Canyon Creek (with direct coupled bridge), DY38 Wood Ridge Mahogany, DY45 Vintage Dreadnought, DY74 Wellington Rosewood, DY74C Wellington Rosewood Cutaway, DY90 Deluxe Abalone, DY75 Lexington with Direct Coupled Bridge, DY92 Lute Back, DY77N Herringbone Dreadnought, DY61 Signature Standard, DY62 Signature Cutaway Bi-Phonic, DY72 Signature Mahogany 12 String,CY116, CY118 Jacaranda Classic, CY127CE Electric Classic, CY140 Grand Concert Master, DY87TB Express, DY8712VS Express Twelve and DY88BKN Express Pro. This rare original full color catalog shows and describes all the lovely vintage Yairi guitars available at the time.

..Photos show paper catalog (SOLD).

Clear complete PDF available