ORIGINAL 1915 THE BANJOIST magazine - published by Fred J. Bacon

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Offering for your kind consideration the rare original 20-page publication by Fred J. Bacon. "The Banjoist" was a monthly magazine devoted to the interest of the BANJO, MANDOLIN & GUITAR. Articles include "Facts About Banjo Music" by F. L. Keates, "Vaudeville Hints Continued" by Fred J. Bacon, "The Mandolin As A Musical Instrument" by James G. Lewis, Mandolin Solo "Loves Old Sweet Song" in musical notation arranged by Fred J. Bacon, Banjo Solo "The Stampede" by Fred J. Bacon in musical notation C notation w/4 string tuned to D, "And The Banjos Went On Playing" by F.L. Keates (poem/lyric only), Half page ad for The Foden Special Guitars (by C.F. Martin)along with ads by H.F. Odell & Co Boston, Stephen Shepard New Jersey, Jas H. Johnstone Albany,NY, Wm. C. Stahl, John Douglass, etc...Inside back cover includes list of places where "BACON" banjos and mandolin-banjos can be seen and purchased (agents) and the back cover shows and promotes the Bacon Professional FF banjo mandolin available from the New London Plant.....

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