(includes MACCAFERRI GUITARS offered by CF Martin)

RARE original 1992 SIGMA GUITARS CATALOG shown in the photos. This is a full color 12-page 8 ½" x 11" format catalog that shows the complete Sigma guitar line offered by C.F. Martin at this time. It is printed on very high quality card stock and there are beautiful photos of the instruments as well as complete descriptions. Also includes two letters on Martin Guitar Company letterhead to the dealer. Each is dated June, 1992. Winner also gets the 8 ½" x 11" MACCAFERRI GUITARS offered by CF Martin promo sheet which is printed on both sides. ..one side shows the guitar and the other side describes the three basic models available and also has a bit of info on the inventor Mario Maccaferri. Separate sheet that was included in this mailing reprints a review on Martin’s GoldPlus acoustic pickup. ......
..Photos show paper catalog (Sold)
Clear complete PDF available