1918 "Crescendo" Magazine for Harp, Banjo, Mandolin, and Guitar.

Offering the RARE 9" x 12" ORIGINAL 24 page Crescendo magazine shown which is dated August, 1918. Covers show wear and are loose from mag...all 24 inside pages are very good.... Overall very good condition.....Full page Vega Ad, loads of half and quarter page ads as well...nice Tennessee Mandolin Orchestra pic, Articles: Tim Green's Jug Band, Ukulele...mandolin music "Cujus Animam" - Rossini, mandolin duo with separate Guitar or Harp Guitar arrangement, "Fascination" - H.F.Odell, "Message Of Love" by Alfred Chenet fo 1st and 2nd guitars. "My Ole Love" by Louis Good (banjo solo)...respectfully dedicated to Mr. Frank Steele, Newport RI..Round Table articles on Mandolin (F. Landry Berthoud), Guitar (William Foden), Banjo (George Lansing & Thomas Armstrong)...check the pix that show some of the cool ads..."Ukulele Rejuvenated" (Lyon & Healy), Grover "Vibrator" for banjo, Tonaharp Guitar, Dyer Harp Guitar, Bacon Banjo, Ditson Hawaiian Style Guitars, etc. Inside pages are good...covers are dog-earred, show wear and are separated from the magazine...
..Photos show paper magazine (SOLD).

Clear complete PDF available