original 1975 Epiphone Catalog

Offering the original 1975 Epiphone Catalog Pricelist effective January 1, 1975 shown in these photos. Rare complete Norlin-era pricelist/catalog shows and describes the complete line of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, banjos and mandolins from Epiphone in 1975. Shows ALL the models along with details and prices. Includes:Flattop Guitars FT-120, FT-130, FT-135, FT-335. JUMBO Flattops FT-140, FT-145, FT-150, FT-350, FT-550. SUPER JUMBO FT-570BL. TWELVE String Flattops FT-160, FT-165, FT-365, FT-565. BANJOS EB-98, EB-99. EM-50 MANDOLIN. CLASSIC GUITARS EC-15, EC-20, EC-24, EC-25. ELECTRIC BASSES ET-288N, ET-285, EA-260, ELECTRIC GUITARS (Solid Body) ET-290N, ET-278, ET-275, (Electric Acoustic) EA-250, EA-255. Loaded with great photos and useful reference information on this maker's early Japanese import instruments.. Very good condition (staples removed)...excellent reference material!
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