original 1975 Epiphone Catalog

Offering the original 1975 Epiphone Catalog Pricelist effective January 1, 1975 shown in these photos. Rare complete Norlin-era pricelist/catalog shows and describes the complete line of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, banjos and mandolins from Epiphone in 1975. Shows ALL the models along with details and prices. Includes:Flattop Guitars FT-120, FT-130, FT-135, FT-335. JUMBO Flattops FT-140, FT-145, FT-150, FT-350, FT-550. SUPER JUMBO FT-570BL. TWELVE String Flattops FT-160, FT-165, FT-365, FT-565. BANJOS EB-98, EB-99. EM-50 MANDOLIN. CLASSIC GUITARS EC-15, EC-20, EC-24, EC-25. ELECTRIC BASSES ET-288N, ET-285, EA-260, ELECTRIC GUITARS (Solid Body) ET-290N, ET-278, ET-275, (Electric Acoustic) EA-250, EA-255. Loaded with great photos and useful reference information on this maker's early Japanese import instruments.. Very good condition ...excellent reference material!

..Photos show paper brochure...(SOLD)

Clear complete PDF available

pdf available

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