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RARE ORIGINAL 8 1/2" x 11" Fender Sales catalog shows and describes Fender's line of guitars and amplifiers available at that time. Cover is dated 1964-1965. Shown and described are: JAGUAR, JAZZMASTER, STRATOCASTER, TELECASTER CUSTOM, ESQUIRE, DUOSONIC, MUSICMASTER, MUSTANG, BASS VI, PRECISION BASS, JAZZ BASS, DUAL SHOWMAN, TWIN REVERB, SUPER REVERB, VIBROVERB, BASSMAN, BANDMASTER, TREMOLUX, CONCERT , PRO and CHAMP blackface amps. Also RHODES PIANO, PEDDAL STEELS, ELECTRIC MANDOLIN, single and double neck LAP STEELS, CONCERT & KING acoustics, ECHO CHAMBER, REVERB UNIT, AMP COVERS AND CASES. .......
..Photos show paper catalog (SOLD).

Clear complete PDF available