Offering the 14-page 1997 FENDER ACOUSTICS catalog shown...This genuine color catalog measures 8 1/2" x 11" and contains photos and descriptions of the acoustic guitar models offered by CBS owned FENDER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS..JG265SCE, DG25S, DG24, GC23S, DG15, DG9, BG29, DG41SCE, DG31SCE, DG31SCE, DG315CE, DG41S, DG31S Lefty, DG31S, DG22CE, DG22CE, DG22CE, DG20CE, DG10CE, CG255CE, DG22S SB, DG22S, DG21, DG20, DG415-12, DG31-12, DG10-12, DG7, CG7, DG5, CG5, and DG3 Value Pak. Also two pages of complete specifications. ...excellent reference material!
original paper catalog $29.99 ($4.81 postage US)
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