1967 FRAMUS GUITARS catalog

Offering the RARE ORIGINAL 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" sixteen-page catalog shown that shows and describes the complete guitar line available from this German manufacturer at that time. Shown and described are : AZ-10 (Attila Zoller) SERIES models 5/67 and 5/65. Missouri acoustic electric model 5/60 E, thin body electrics (Studio, Atlantic, Caravelle, Deluxe 6) , electric 12 strings, Country Western flattops (Gaucho, Texan, Western, Jumbo, Blue Ridge and the amazing double neck Big 18), Acoustic 12 strings, Solid Electrics (Strato series AND Big 18 double neck!), classic guitars,Lute, electric basses (solid and thin acoustic electric), along with student guitars and mandolins (solid and hollow body). Undated...excellent reference material and case candy!
..Photos show paper catalog.. SOLD

Clear complete PDF available

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