1980-81 GIBSON GUITARS catalogue

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Offering for your consideration this RARE complete ORIGINAL 4" x 9" catalog with 36 pages showing and describing the complete line of fine Gibson guitars available at this time. Includes illustrations and descriptions of:
Super V CES, Kalamazoo Award Model, Super-400CES, L-5CES, Byrdland, Johnny Smith Double, Super-400C, L-5C, Howard Roberts Custom, Howard Roberts Artist, Howard Roberts Fusion, ES-175/CC, ES-175D, LP Artist, LP Artisan, LP Pro Deluxe, LP Custom, LP Standard, LP Deluxe, Flying V-II, L-5S, Explorer II, SG Standard, 335-S Deluxe, EDS-1275, RD Artist, RD Artist/79, ES Artist, ES355TDSV, ES-347TD, ES-345TDSV, ES-335 PRO, ES-335TD, Ripper L-9S, G-3 bass, Grabber bass, F-5L mandolin, All American banjo, Florentine banjo, 800 series banjo, 250 series banjo, J-200, Dove, Heritage, Hummingbird, J-55, J-50, J-45, J-40, The Paul (standard), The SG (standard), 335-S Custom, The Paul (Deluxe), The SG (Deluxe), 335-S Standard, Sonex-180 Custom, Sonex-180 Standard, Sonex-180 Deluxe and Protector Case ..

no missing or torn pages...tape residue along edges of cover. Effective July 1, 1980 (written over in ink "April 1, 1981"). Includes PRICES and numerous written in notes describing colors available and discontinued models. It's a nice bit of Gibson memorabilia or case candy.......$25.00

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