1980-81 GIBSON GUITARS pricelist

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Offering for your consideration this RARE ORIGINAL 4" x 9" pricelist with 4 pages (single piece of paper folded to produce 4 panels) with prices for the complete line of fine Gibson guitars available at this time. Includes prices for:
Super V CES, Kalamazoo Award Model, L-5CES, Byrdland, Johnny Smith Double, Super-400C, L-5C, Howard Roberts Fusion, ES-175D, LP Pro Deluxe, LP Custom, LP Standard, LP Deluxe, L-5S, SG Standard, 335-S Deluxe, EDS-1275, ES Artist, ES355TDSV, ES-347TD, ES-345, ES-335 PRO, ES-335TD, Victory basses, All American banjo, Florentine banjo, all 800 series banjo, rb250 series banjo, J-200, Dove, Heritage, Hummingbird, J-55, J-50, J-45, J-40, F-5L, The Paul (deluxe), The SG (deluxe), 335-S Custom, The SG (Deluxe), 335-S Custom, Sonex-180 Custom, ..
no missing pages...tape residue along edges. Includes PRICES only. It's a nice bit of Gibson memorabilia or case candy......$19.99

OVERSEAS please inquire re: postage.
If you have any questions..or a publication of this sort for sale...please e-mail Steve

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