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Offering the ORIGINAL 8 1/2" x 11" GRETSCH GUITARS 1978 guitar catalog shown which shows and describes the complete line of solid and hollow body electric guitars offered by the famous Gretsch Guitar Company at this time. Color illustrations and complete descriptions of the 7595 double cutaway Stereo White Falcon, 7593 single cut White Falcon, 7680 Super Axe solid body, 7685 Atkins Axe solid body, 7690 Super Chet hollow body, 7670 Country Gentleman, 7660 Nashville, 7655 Tennessean, 7628 Committee solid body, 7629 Committee Bass, 7611 Roc Jet, 7620 Country Roc (G brand), 7625 model TK300 solid body, 7627 model TK300 bass, 7609 Broadkaster, 7576 Country Club. ....
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