1982 GUILD FLATTOPS & CLASSICS Guitar catalog

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Offering the ORIGINAL 8 1/2" x 11" Guild 23-page guitar catalog shown. This undated catalog (my estimate is it's from 1982) shows and describes the complete line of flat-tops & classic guitars offered by Guild Guitars at this time. This rare full color catalog has loads of information , photos and descriptions of: B-50 Flattop Bass acoustic, Mark 5, Mark 4, Mark 3, Mark 2 Classic Guitars, F-50R, F-50, F-40, F-30 and F-20 "conventional bodies", D-70, D-55, D-50, D-46, D-40, D-40C, G-37, D-35 and D-25 Dreadnaught bodies, 12-string models G-312, G-212, D-212, F-512, F-412, F-212XL, F-212 and F-112. Also includes a page devoted to electric flattops and numerous artist endorsements (shown are Hoyt Axton, Neal Schon, Ralph Towner, Paul Kantner, Graham Parker, John Abercrombie and Pat Metheny). An extremely worthwhile and informative Guild catalog. ....
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