Offering the RARE complete ORIGINAL 9" x 12" twenty page (including covers) catalog with excellent photography of the CF Martin Instrument product line. Includes D-28, D-21, D-18, Classic 000-28C, 000-18, 00-21 Grand Concert, Folk 00-21NY, 00-18, 0-18,Classic 00-18C, 00-18E Electric Grand Concert, 0-18T (tenor), Classic 00-16C, Folk 0-16NY, F-50, F-55, F-65 Electrics, Martin Amplifiers model 700, 112T, and 110T, Style 3, 2, 1 and 0 ukes, Style 1-C Concert, 1-T Tenor and 51 Baritone ukes, T-28 , T-18 and T-15 Tiples , A and 2-15 mandolins as well as strings and cases. Includes original separate price list!! Loose leaf hole punched. Pretty cool bit of Martin paper for the collector. Nice case candy if you have one from this time. ......

$125.00 ($10 postage US)
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