Offering for your consideration this complete ORIGINAL 8 1/2" x 11" Gibson Christmas, 1936 MASTERTONE monthly publication described as "A Fretted Instrument Monthly For Player, Teacher and Dealer". Articles include "Why I Play Hawaiian Guitar", "Swing Time on the S.S. Haiti", "All Around the World" with photos of Marion Gange and Clyde Compton with their vintage Gibson guitars...Article on "Answers---Should Children Learn The Names Of The Notes?"..., Sally and Jack photos ...youngsters playing Gibsons, William McMichael Orchestra of Newark , Ohio...Detroit the Motor City article wih loads of great photos of endorsers and their Gibsons.... Jimmy Smith speaks..Smiley Burnette and Kay Hughes with Gibson amplifier, ... Loads of cool photos and articles.

..Photos show paper publication (SOLD).
Clear complete PDF available

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