original Vintage OME BANJOS & MANDOLINS catalog

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ORIGINAL 4" x 9 1/4" OME BANJOS & MANDOLINS catalog. This is an undated 14 numbered page (not counting covers) black and white catalog showing and describing all the OME banjos and mandolins offered at the time.......don't see any date..research seems to indicate maybe 1976 or 1977. Address shown is 165 Commerce Street Broomfield, Boulder,CO.. Shows and describes GRUBSTAKE, SINGLE X, DOUBLE X, TRIPLE X, SILVER MOGUL, JUGGERNAUT II, JUGGERNAUT III & BIG MOGUL, STYLE 1 , STYLE 2 AND STYLE 3 MANDOLINS as well as a complete list of specifications for each. Rare catalog.

PDF archived

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