1959 H. H. SCOTT High Fidelity Catalog

Offering for your consideration this RARE complete 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" eighteen-page original catalog showing and describing all the cool Stereo- Monophonic high fidelity components offered by this Maynard, Mass Company at that time. Shown and described are the 135 Stereo-Dapter, #99D 22-watt Complete Amplifier, #209 36- watt Complete Amplifier, #210F 36-watt Dynaural Complete Amplifier, #121C Dynaural Equalizer-Preamp, #299 40-watt Stereo Amplifier, #330C AM-FM Stereo Tuner, #130 Stereo Preamplifier, #250 40-watt Power Amplifier, #310B Broadcast Monitor Tuner, #311C FM Tuner, #300 AM-FM Tuner, #710 Stroboscopic Turntable, #1000 Matched Stereo Arm & Cartridge as well as a Hi-Fi guide and brief history of the company. A must for the audiophile....
..Photos show paper brochure (SOLD).

Clear complete digital download available

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