Offering for your consideration this "SONS OF THE PIONEERS SONG FOLIO No. 3" reprint paperback with 50 numbered pages contains 18 complete songs with lyrics and complete musical notation. Also shows chord names as well as chord diagrams for guitar...this Songs of the Prairie Folio no 3 Sons of the pioneers reprint shows original copyright date of 1937 and was part of the estate of a musician. (front page is inscribed Happy Birthday to him dated 1993.) Like the original it is spiral bound and contains songs in musical notation....Blue Prairie, Silent Trails, Chant Of The Plains, Ride Ranger Ride, Stars Of The West, Roll Wagon Roll, Down Along The Sleepy rio Grande, Cool Water, The Touch Of God's Hand, Ridin', Hoofbeats On The Prairie, Wind, At The Old Barn Dance, My Prairie Home, Hold That Critter Down, Close To Heaven, I'm Ridin' A New Trail Tonight and He's Gone He's Gone Up The Trail.....

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