Offering for your consideration this ORIGINAL 5 1/4" x 7 3/4" sixty-eight page catalog from my personal archive. This catalog shows and describes Gibson's extensive line of banjos, ukulele banjos, guitars, tenor guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, mandolas, mando cellos, harp guitar and mandobass available at that time.
Shows the early 1-piece flange banjo models with double-cut peghead. Shown and described are :
BANJOS...New All American,Florentine, TB-6, TB-Granada, TB-4,TB-3, TB-2, TB-1, PB-4, PB-1, RB-3, RB-1, MB-3, MB-2, GB-3, Bass Banjo, UB-1, UB-2, UB- 3, UB-4.

GUITARS...L-5 , L-4, L-3, Nick Lucas, L-2, L-1, L-0, TG-1..

UKULELES...TU (tenor), Style 1, Style 2, Style 3.

MANDOLINS....F-5 (Fern), F-4, F-2, A-4, A, A-0, H-5 mandola (fern), K-5 mando-cello, Style U harp-guitar, Style J mando-bass.

Includes LOADS of cool photos of endorsers with their instruments, orchestras, hawaiian players, etc. Undated. Reprints that I've seen don't do this ORIGINAL catalog any justice....especially noticeable is the difference in the clarity of all the illustrations and endorser photos...nothing like the original

..Photos show paper catalog (SOLD).
Clear complete PDF available

If you have any questions ...please e-mail

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