rare ESP Electric Guitar Brochure undated (likely 80s ..) classy full color!

Offering this RARE ESP Electric Guitar Brochure shown. This is a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" format color catalog with 8 pages (including covers) which shows all the cool electric guitar available from ESP at this time. It's undated but given there are "metal" guitars included my hunch is from the 80s. All the traditional models are included...in other words Jazz & P-bass copies, Tele & Strat copies as well as the Contemporary Series, Eclipse, Mirage, Surveyor & Horizon Basses....and the METAL Series... even a double-neck! Lots of info on this rare product .........a great resource and delightful collector's item......... condition excellent...

..Photos show paper publication (SOLD).
Clear complete PDF available