1965 Epiphone (Gibson) catalog

RARE complete ORIGINAL 10" x 13" eleven-page EPIPHONE catalog shown is full color catalog that shows and describes the complete line of electric guitars,acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins and amplifiers from the original (undated) catalog for Epiphone instruments made in Kalamazoo , Michigan by Gibson circa 1964-1965. The catalog is amazing showing ALL the cool models along with loads of details. All the hip electric and acoustic models including the Professional, Emperor, Sheraton, Caiola, Broadway, Riviera, Sorrento, Casino, Century, Granada , Crestwood Deluxe, Crestwood Custom, Wilshire, Coronet, Olympic Double, Olympic Special, Embassy Deluxe & Newport Basses. All the acoustic line is shown as well...Excellente, Troubadour, Bard, Frontier, El Dorado, Texan, Serenader, Cortez and Caballero. Banjos include Plantation, Minstrel and Campus modesl. Also classic guitars, acoustic archtops and amps. Loaded with great photos and useful reference information on this maker's instruments...........a great resource.
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