original 1953 KAY GUITARS, LAP STEELS, AMPS jobber catalog pages / literature

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Offering the original KAY GUITARS, LAP STEELS, AMPS literature from a 1953 wholesaler catalog shown. Consists of 4 black/white pages printed both sides. Each page has 7 loose-leaf binder holes punched. Features the many KAY products including Electronic Bass model K162, K161 Spanish Electric "Thin Twin", K-125, K-150, K-151, Hawaiian lap steels K-159, K-156, Kay Electric Mandolin K-95, Amps...K-600, K-615, K-300...Archtop Guitars K-45, K-115...Flattop Guitars K-27, K-23, Cutaway Professional Archtop K-21S and the popular K-15, K-10, K-22 and K-20 too...lastly the moderately priced K-43, K-37, K-43, K-37, K-34, K-30 and the K-1.......excellent resource material

Clear complete PDF available