1937 GIBSON Catalog Y - 88 pages- Nick Lucas,top tension banjos, F-5, etc!

Offering for your consideration this complete ORIGINAL 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" eighty-eight page Gibson catalog Y shown. Catalog shows and describes Gibson's extensive line of
TENOR BANJOS...TB-00, TB-1, TB-11, TB-75 also Top Tension TB-7 , TB-12 and TB-18.
ARCHTOP GUITARS...L-30 (new finish), L-37, L-50, L-4, L-7, L-10, L-12, L-5 and Super "400".
FLATTOP GUITARS....Nick Lucas, Advanced Jumbo, Jumbo "35", Century Model (L-C), L-00, L-0.
HAWAIIAN GUITARS....HG-00, Roy Smeck Model.
ELECTRIC HAWAIIAN GUITARS...EH-100, EH-150 and Double Neck Hawaiian.
ELECTRIC ARCHTOP GUITAR...ES-150 (Charlie Christian) and Electric Mandolin EM-150 with CC pickup.
MANDOLINS...F-5 Fern, F-7, F-4, A-50, A-1 and A-00.
Also H-0 Mandola, Style U Harp Guitar, Style J Mando-Bass, Uke-1,TU Tenor Uke, UB-1 Uke Banjo as well as pages of accessories, picks, strings, steels, bridges, tuners, banjo supplies,etc. Condition is very good with normal wear. Original owner attached a mail label to the front cover. A very nice bit of Gibson history and a true collectible...

..Photos show paper catalog (SOLD).
Clear complete PDF available

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