1964 Epiphone Price List (Gibson)

original 1964 Epiphone Price List effective September 1, 1964 , 8 page price list includes all the fine Epiphone products offered by Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 3 1/2" x 8" pricelist for ELECTRIC SPANISH GUITARS...Professional Outfit, Emperor, Sheraton, Al Caiola, Broadway, Riviera, Howard Roberts, Sorrento, Casino, Century, Granada. SOLID BODY GUITARS....Crestwood Deluxe, Wilshire, Coronet, Olympic. BASSES.....Embassy Deluxe, Newport. AMPLIFIERS....Panorama, Emperor, Constellation, Futura Zephyr, Might Mite, Pathfinder, Galaxie, Devon, Pacemaker. CLASSIC GUITARS....Barcelone, Espana, Classic, Seville, Entrada, Madrid. FLAT TOP GUITARS....Excellente, Frontier, Troubadour, Eldorado, Texan, Coretz, Caballero. TWELVE STRING guitars....Bard, Serenader. 5-STRING BANJOS....Plantation, Minstrel, Campus. TENOR BANJO...ACOUSTIC SPANISH GUITARS...Emperor, Deluxe, Triumph, Zenith and MANDOLIN..Venetian Mandolin. They’re all here with prices! .
..Photos show paper pricelist (SOLD).
Clear complete PDF available

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