1960s? PIONEER Stereo -Original Pamphlet with 8 track players

1960s? PIONEER Stereo pamphlet showing, in cool color photos, the many Pioneer car and home stereo pieces offered at that time. No date but judging from the products, it appears to be the 1960s. Models included are TP6000 In-Dash 8-Track w/AM/FM, TP-222 Mini-8-Track, KP-333 Auto-Reverse Cassette, as well as many other in-dash 8-track decks along with many speaker offerings, HOME 8-track players and cassettes. Each is well illustrated and includes full written description. Check out the couple on the cover leaning against the Datsun 240Z!! Nice vintage product line-up. A classic bit of advertising.

..Photos show paper brochure...(SOLD)

Clear complete PDF available

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