This ORIGINAL 8 1/2" x 11" Fender Sales catalog shows and describes Fender's line of guitars and amplifiers available at that time. Cover is dated 1965-1966. Shown and described are: JAGUAR, JAZZMASTER, STRATOCASTER, TELECASTER CUSTOM, ESQUIRE, DUOSONIC, MUSICMASTER, MUSTANG, 12-STRING, BASS VI, PRECISION BASS, JAZZ BASS, 5-STRING BASS, DUAL SHOWMAN, TWIN REVERB, SUPER REVERB, BASSMAN, BANDMASTER, TREMOLUX, VIBROLUX REVERB, PRO REVERB, DELUXE REVERB, DELUXE, PRINCETON REVERB and VIBRO-CHAMP blackface amps. Also ELECTRIC PIANO, PEDAL STEELS, ELECTRIC MANDOLIN, single and Triple neck LAP STEELS, CONCERT , KING , PALOMINO, MALIBU and NEWPORTER flattops, ECHO UNIT, REVERB UNIT, PIANO BASS, CELESTE, AMP COVERS AND CASES. Condition is very good with dealer stamp on front cover and normal wear. Nice original Fender catalog.......
..Photos show paper catalog (SOLD).
Clear complete PDF available