original 1954 GIBSON price list

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Offering for your consideration this original July 10, 1954 GIBSON price list shown in the photos. This measures about 4" x 9" and contains prices on Gibson's complete line of guitars, amps, banjos, mandolins and accessories available at the time. Includes L-5N, Super 300, ES-175, ES-350N, ES-295, ES-5, Les Paul Model, Double Necks, Electic Hawaiian Guitars, Triple Neck Guitars, Electric Bass, J-200, J-185, SJ, J-50, J-45, LG-1, LG-2, LG-3, LG-2 3/4, Tenor Guitars, Banjos (including Tenor, 5-string), Acoustic Archtops...Super 400C, L-5C, L-7C, L-4C, L-50, L-48, Mandolins....F-5, F-12, Florentine Electric, EM-150, A-50, A-40, Ukes, , Hawaiian Outfit, Les Paul Amp, Fingerrest Pickups, etc...the complete line included..

Very good condition with no missing, loose or torn pages. It's a nice bit of Gibson memorabilia or case candy....
..Photos show paper pricelist (SOLD).
Clear complete PDF available