original complete 1988 MARTIN GUITAR PRICE LIST

Offering the complete original 1988 MARTIN GUITAR PRICE LIST shown in these photos. Effective date: April 1, 1988. Condition is excellent. Left over from the days when I was a Martin dealer. Includes Retail prices as well as Dealer Net prices. From the early "low profile neck" days when models had "P" suffix for low-profile necks and standard profile necks were still being offered. M-36 & M-38 models were in production as well as the Shenandoah models. All Rosewood models....M-36, M-38, MC-28, D-28, HD-28, D-35, HD-35, D-41, D-45, D12-28 are included. All Jumbo models, all Maple models, all Shenandoah models...and all mahogany models are included. Second page shows all the Special Order Guitars....D-37K, 7-28, 00-21,etc. and there is a section for mandolins, ukes and tiples... most all of which were special order in this period. Last page is the Custom Shop. All pages are shown in the photos...It is one piece of paper folded to produce 4 panels. Pretty cool bit of Martin paper for the collector. Nice case candy if you have one from this time.

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