Offering the RARE complete ORIGINAL 9" x 12" 21-page MARTIN 1968 catalog that shows and describes the complete line of Acoustic Guitars , Mandolins, Ukuleles and Tiples produced by the Martin Guitar Company in Nazareth, Pennsylvania at this time. Color illustrations and descriptions of all their cool stuff included: D-28, D-28S, D-35, D-35S, D-21, D-18, D-18S, D12-35, D12-20, 000-28, 000-18, 00-18, 00-21,0-18, 5-18, 0-18T, 0-16NY, 00-28C, 00-18C, 00-16C, Ukes models 3, 0, 1-T, 51, A Mandolin , Tiple models T-28 and T-18. Also includes 2-page section on Martin Instrument Specifications.
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