Offering the original 1988 MARTIN GUITAR CATALOG shown in these photos. This catalog shows and describes the complete line of Acoustic Guitars , Acoustic Basses, Mandolin, Ukuleles and Tiples produced by the Martin Guitar Company in Nazareth, Pennsylvania at this time. Color illustrations and descriptions of all their cool stuff included: D-18, D-28, D-35, D-41, D-60 (not shown), D-62 (not shown), D-45, D12-28, HD-28, HD-282R (not shown), HD-35, J-40, J-40BK, JC-40, J12-40, J-65 (not shown), J12-65 (not shown), J-18 (not shown), M-36 (not shown), M-38, M-64 (not shown), MC-28, MC-68 (shaded option), 000-16, 000C-16 cutaway, Basses include B-40, B-65, B-540 (not shown), BC-40, Custom 15 and D- 45 Custom Deluxe, Special Order instruments include: A mandolin, 1-T tenor uke, 0-16NY, 00-28C, OM-45, 00-21, MC-37K, D12-18, D-28S, DC-28, N-20, 000-28, 7-28 (all shown) Also has a few pages on the Custom Shop with good photos and includes section on Martin Instrument Specifications and "Historical Reflections" . ...and includes the original separate pricelist shown as well...
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