1978 HOHNER BANJOS, Mandolins & Ukuleles 12-page color catalog

Offering the Original 8 1/2" x 11" full color 12- page catalog showing and describing the complete line including the rare HB-800 Limited Edition "tree of life" inlaid 5 string banjo! Other banjo models included are HB-450, HB-350, HB-120V, HB-118, HB-117, HB-115, HB-305, HB-100F (folk), HB351F (folk). Mandolins include HM-100, HM-108, HM-110, HM-150, HM-390 limited edition F-5 copy, HM-20, HM-105, HM-200E and Ukulele models HU-3, HU-6, HU-9, HU-10. Cool original catalog and a great resource. Note has been punched for loose-leaf ....
photos show paper catalog..SOLD

pdf available