40s-50s Kluson Metal Button Spare

ORIGINAL parts for ORIGINAL guitars..

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spare 40s-50s metal button kluson for Gibsons, Martins, etc

Original BASS SIDE...

Offering for your consideration this RARE spare late 40s- early 50s metal button kluson shown in the photos. This is an original nickel plated BASS SIDE , "no name" enclosed kluson with round metal button which is original to Gibson and Martin guitars from that period... D-18, 000-28,etc. (BASS side means it is for the 4th (D), 5th (A) and 6th(low E) string side of the peghead). The tuner is completely ORIGINAL....and it is shows appropriate wear. Plating is excellent so it will look just right on that cherished vintage guitar. These tuners did not bear the Kluson Deluxe name at this early stage in production and are sometimes referred to as "no name" klusons. It is marked correctly on plate bottom "PAT APPLD" and "2356766". Tuner is totally operative...i.e. turn the button and the post moves like it should with good drag. No funky bent tuner shaft....turns beautifully true. Listing is for the ONE tuner only as shown. No mounting screws or string post ferrule.... Tough item to find when you need one...... no other parts included....just what is shown in the photos. Feels SO good to get that vintage guitar right!!

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