60s vintage US-made KAY resonator banjo pot assembly


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Welcome. Offering the vintage US-made KAY resonator banjo pot assembly - complete with calfskin head shown. Includes wood rim, one piece flange, tension hoop,complete set hooks/nuts, complete rim rod, neck attachment bolt w/screw, neck spacer, rosewood armrest attached to tension hoop, mahogany resonator w/attachment hdwe and original intact healthy calfskin head which, unfortunately, it looks like the kids may have gotten to with some kind of marker...not sure if markings can be removed but some of you banjo tinkerers are pretty darned clever so might could. Offering the entire pot assembly in very good condition ready for the neck of your choice.... made in U.S.A. back in the 60s.....check out the photos and let me know if you have questions....
$139.99 (mailed FREE in US)

If you have questions ...please e-mail Steve