1920s Vega "VEGAPHONE" Banjo Pot

10 15/16" Tubaphone

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Welcome. This original 10 15/16" VEGAPHONE banjo pot assembly shown in these photos would make a great old timey banjo. It's all original and the original dowel stick was retained so the numbers match and the integrity of the pot is maintained for posterity sake...not an "orphan" pot. Dowel stick tenon remains the same size, dimensions and profile as when factory assembled....

This is a genuine prewar Vega TUBAPHONE pot with original 2 point shoes, neck brace, endbolt and dowel stick ferrule. Has a plastic head that is taut and great sounding...Original hooks and closed end nuts with excellent plating. If you're looking at this you may already be hip to the fact that NOTHING sounds quite like an original Tubaphone...If not this is great opportunity to find out what all the fuss is about...

If you have any questions ...please e-mail Steve.