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Huge Lot of Vintage Banjo Spec Sheets For Download

Offering for your enjoyment and edification, a PDF format download containing high quality black and white scans of some of the banjos that have passed through my shop over the years. Some of the many banjos that passed through my shop over the years lingered just long enough for me to get a copy of their inlay patterns. Time permitting I'd take the necks to the local copy store and lay them right on the glass. The resulting actual size copies of pegheads and fingerboards were then pasted to a standard 8 1/2" x 11" page and kept for reference. I found them very useful when it came to restoration or building. Over the years many fellow banjo enthusiasts have requested copies of these sheets so I'm making them available digitally in PDF continuous document format. All together there are over 50 scans I think...
some of the Banjos included are:

1900s Acme Professional 5 string ..
1930s B&D Montana #1 Silverbell Plectrum
1920s B&D Montana #1 Silverbell Tenor
circa 1929 B&D Montana #3 Silverbell Tenor
circa 1925 B&D Silverbell #1 Tenor
1935 B&D Serenader #1 Silverbell Tenor
circa 1908 Bacon Professional FF "Chubby Dragon"
circa 1910 Bacon Special Grand Concert
W. A. Cole 5 string
W. A. Cole ECLIPSE "Man In The Moon"
Epiphone B Recording Tenor
Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No 2 #20788
Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No 2 #20788 Gryphon Peghead
Gibson TB-2 No. 8851-19 Tenor
Gibson TB-3 "Wreath" Tenor
Orpheum #3 Special 5-string
Orpheum #3 Special 5-string (Detailing Carved Heel)
Orpheum #3 & Paramount A Pegheads
Paramount Style A Tenor
Paramount Style B Tenor
Paramount Style E Plectrum
Paramount Style E Plectrum (Detailing Peghead & Carved Heel)
Paramount Style A Peghead
Stewart Special Thoroughbred sn 57113
Fairbanks-Vega Tubaphone #3 "Flowerpot"
Fairbanks-Vega Tubaphone #9 styleX no49304
Fairbanks-Vega Tubaphone #9 Style X Peghead
Fairbanks-Vega Tubaphone #9 Style X Peghead Backside
Vega Tubaphone #9 Style X no54397 (short scale Tenor)
THREE Vega Tubaphone #9 Pegheads
Vega Artist Peghead no69750
Vega Whyte Laydie #7 Plectrum no51838
Vega Whyte Laydie #7 Flowerpot (Detail Peghead)
FOUR different Vega Pegheads
Vega Vegaphone Artist Tenor No 69750
Washburn 5-string Vine Inlay
Weymann Style 1 Tenor No38596
Fairbanks WhyteLaydie #7 No21508
Vega Whyte Laydie #7 "Flowerpot" No68852
Vega Whyte Laydie #7 "Flowerpot" No68851

These prove to be very useful reference sheets for builders and restorers.

Thumbnails I've posted only show small samples. Your PDF contains every sheet in high resolution!

Complete collection (plus others not listed above) of over 50 sheets in PDF format which allows you to view or print the entire document. $9.99

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