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Always interested in buying old guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukes, guitar parts, musical instrument catalogs, magazines and advertising as well as amps and effects

  • "Thank you for sending an excellent resonator. Received it yesterday and it was perfect for my need and undamaged due to your excellent packing."

  • "The items above arrived OK today here in the UK, and I'm VERY pleased with them. THANKS for no-problems sale. I'm using them in the restoration of a 17 fret big pot tubaphone M tenor. Should give a great sound when done."

  • "Just to let you know the package arrived safely this morning! Unbelievable. Quicker than our local post over Christmas. I am delighted. Very many thanks "

  • "First, if there was no folks like you Steve, my banjo world would be a dull place to be at. Second, THANKS! Thanks a lot!! The tailpiece is perfect and fulfiller my intension to make my banjo project come true. "

  • "Hi Steve, The Bacon pot came yesterday afternoon. Thanks for the quick shipment. I'm used to Vega banjos, and not having been exposed to Bacons, I was surprised at the size and heft of this thing. It's built like a truck, and that's pretty neat. It will work fine for the neck I plan to use on it. It's in great shape and will look good finished. "

  • "Hi Steve, the pots and the neck arived..........very nice stuff.........all OK... Thank´s and All Best "

  • "Ciao Stefano, resonator arrived!!! Grazie"

  • "Thanks Steve .. arrived in condition described..thanks appreciate all your efforts on this..project 90% completed."

  • "Pot arrived! nice! thanks .. Andrea "

  • "Got it, thanks - absolutely stunning! Feel free to drop me a line if you decide to do another. Best wishes, "

  • "Hi Steve the tailpiece arrived today safe and sound - very pleased with it! thanks for great service and I hope to buy again from you kind regards "

  • "hello steve, thanks for the banjo parts. best regards,"

  • "hello rerceveid the resonateur very nice i'm happy the sound is ok with the resonateur"

  • "Steve........Vega pegs arrived here in the UK today and I'm very pleased with them. I'm restoring a basket-case Little Wonder 17 fret tenor for Irish style playing and these pegs complete the job 100%. I'll keep a check on your site for further items in due course. "

  • "Hi Steve, I received both shipments. Thanks for the quick response. I expect to do more business with you in the future. From a shoppers point of view, you might consider modifying your website to allow for continued browsing, shopping and consolidating all items purchased on one invoice. Thanks, "

  • "Hi I received the resonator this morning, it fits like a glove thanks. Liam. "

  • "Hi Steve, I have received the Planet Tuners yesterday, and fited it today on a high grade artist vega neck repro by W.FAWLEY. It is a copy from a 1906 original 5th string neck ( see photo enclosed). Thank for your best material , this new neck complete a WL pot purchased from your shop two years ago. This weekend, I will fit the bridge and the strings....and playing a lot "

  • "The JHB banjo came well packaged and was just exactly as you described and pictured. Thirty years ago, I picked up a JHB banjo with original case at a Flea Market in Fort Worth, TX. The neck was so warped it could not be played. Finding a JHB neck on your site was a God-send and will enable me to finish this project that seemed to drag on forever. It's been good doing business with you. "

  • "Steve, Received package...thanks....have forwarded your website to a few others in the area..thanks for the excellent service...Rob "

  • "Got my tuners. Just wanted to say thanks and your service and products are awesome! I will spread the word.....Best, Tony "

  • "Hi Steve, Arrived safe. What a nice original resonator. Thanks again! Keith "

  • "Hello Steve, I duly received the armrest today, and I'm fully satisfied. I'll mount it on my old W.A.Cole Eclipse #2500. Thank you for all"

  • "hello i have a received my banjo neck ,very good thank you very much...laurent, France"

  • "hi steve received the vega armrest today its great thanks a lot best wishes johny ,uk"

  • "Hi Steve I couldn't believe that my banjo parts have arrived already! Thank you very much for your excellent service, it completely blew me away. I have been wanting to restore this old banjo for years and now, finally, and thanks to you, I can do it. Many thanks - Keith (Cape Town, South Africa)"

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