original 1953 NATIONAL GUITARS & AMPLIFIERS catalog

Offering the RARE complete ORIGINAL 7" x 10" 15-page 1953 NATIONAL GUITARS & AMPLIFIERS catalog that shows and describes the complete line of Guitars , Lap Steels and amplifiers produced by the Chicago Musical Instrument Company in Chicago, Illinois at this time. Photos and descriptions of all these models included: "Grand Console" Double Neck Electric Hawaiian, "New Yorker" Electric Hawaiian , "Dynamic" Electric Hawaiian, Special 8 String Electric Hawaiian, National "TripleX Chord Changer", "Chicagoan" Electric Hawaiian Guitar And Amplifier, Model 1215 and 1210 National Amplifiers, Triple Neck Electric Hawaiian, National Clipper Electric Hawaiian, Model 1122 Solid Body Electric Spanish, Model 1123 Solid Body Electric Spanish Cutaway (both single and double pickup solid body models shown), National Deluxe Amplifier, "Club Combo" Electric Spanish, No. 1191 "Student" Flat Top Spanish, National Amplifiers #1202, #1212, #1275, "Aristocrat" Electric Spanish, "California" Electric Spanish, No. 1120 and No 1125 Electric Spanish, No. 1135 Carved Top Spanish, No 1140 Carved Top Spanish, No. 1155 Jumbo Flat Top Spanish , No 1150 Concert Flat Top Spanish. The Jumbo flattop features the Gibson body with National neck. Cool Original catalog and a great resource.

..Photos show paper publication (SOLD).
Clear complete PDF available

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