Bacon Banjo Catalog~circa 1914~Professional 5 Strings!

This is an excellent quality reprint of the original 12 page catalog from the Forest Dale, Vermont days of this famous banjo company. Printed on top quality paper identical to the original, this 7 1/4" x 9 1/2" catalog features 5 string "Professional" and "Grand Concert" models..."Bacon Professional No.1", "Bacon Professional No. 2", "Bacon Special", "Bacon Grand Concert", "Bacon Special Grand Concert", "Bacon Professional" Banjeaurine, and "Bacon" banjo mandolin (with same professional style internal resonator). Also shows embossed leather banjo cases, Bacon's "neverslip" bridge, Hartnett Adjustable Tone-Lever (forerunner to the B&D Soft-Pedal mute!), Hartnett Tone-Bar, Bacon-Goggin "Hold Fast" arm and leg rests, "no-knot" and Bacon-Kershner "Special" banjo tailpieces,as well as testimonials from many banjoists from the period including Frank Bradbury, B.V. Kershner, D.E. Hartnett and E.F. Goggin. This is an excellent quality reprint from the original catalog with good, crisp artwork. Price is $9.99 ($4.00 postage)

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