1949-52 Gibson L-50

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This vintage L-50 Gibson plays wonderfully with great projection and a nice dry, resonant tone. One of my former guitar students rescued this from his current girlfriend's small kids who had already broken the tailpiece and tuners. (original broken tailpiece inside case....)
Look we really love to see guitars kept in the family so long as they aren't suffering abuse and the survival of this fine old guitar had definitely been compromised. We rescued it and the girlfriend was surprised by the fistful of dollars we guitar lovers exchanged for it. Hopefully this guitar's tough years are behind it. We've been treating her right and have discovered a neat old acoustic archtop with loads of character we can love and cherish ....one that knows a lot of songs too..... Paypal payment price...$1200.00 (postpaid in US...) just click the yellow "BUY NOW" button below. Overseas buyers please use the blue/white "PAYPAL PAYMENTS" button at the bottom of the page.

For direct Paypal payment ($1200.00 plus $125.00 shipping overseas)...just hit the blue/white "PAYPAL PAYMENTS" button below.

If you have any questions ...or if you have a guitar like this to sell....please e-mail Steve.

I usually respond to ALL seemingly legitimate e-mail inquiries. If your email does not get a response it usually means I did not get the e-mail message...please try again

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